Van Rossum Facilities

Our in-house creative, technical partner, is Van Rossum Facilities (VRF). Together we create the widest variety of productions. We do this by thinking in solutions, so that we together can achieve the highest possible result. VRF is a full-service company, and taking care of all technical aspects of a production is only one of their unique selling points.

Edel Events

Over the course of many years of working together with Edel Events, they now know how to get the most out of all the halls in Het Sieraad. As our permanent partner, Edel Events has been surprising clients for years, with exciting, challenging and creative concepts. Located in Het Sieraad, Edel Events likes to join in for an orienting/advising discussion to translate all your ideas into light design, programming, décor settings, tailored entertainment or the setting of the halls. Het Sieraad prefers to use Edel Event’s productive capacities, to ensure every event is taken care of to the last detail.

Circle Hospitality

Hospitality is an art. Not only we, but our partner in the supply of service staff; Circle Hospitality, thinks so too! And event in Het Sieraad is for both our own staff, as for the professional staff of Circle Hospitality, a stage where the guests star in the leading role. Together we create incredible experiences where nothing is left to chance.

Studio OOM

Studio OOM is the creative centipede with Olaf Walther in behind the wheel. Branding, creating a special experience during events, a completely new style and out of the box thinking. Nothing is too crazy for Studio OOM. We are very proud to say that Studio OOM has been our go-to partner for the creation, initiation and retention of the most innovative concepts. A picture is worth more than a thousand words, we can both agree on that!

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